Patch Notes v0.7.46

Howdy, folks!  Traveling to Super MAGFest this weekend, so here's the new demo version that will be playable at the indie showcase!  Hope you enjoy all the improvements!





-The Input library has been updated to v5.1.2.

UI and Menus

-The title screen has a few shiny particles.

-The main menu controls have been streamlined.  Hitting back will immediately go back to the previous menu.

-Chapter Select has new and improved visual elements.

-Levels that are locked are no longer selectable from Chapter Select (They can still be accessed in Debug Mode )

-Altered the score number formatting on the High Scores screen.

-The quit button on the pause/continue menus no longer include an option to quit to desktop.

-In showcase mode, the game will ask the player whether they want to continue the demo at the end of each demo level.

-Optimized the High Score screen so that it only renders the scores that are on-screen.

-Updated visuals for tutorial button icons.

-The player energy bar now has a bright center bar running through it when you have enough energy to deploy a Super Move.  In addition, lightning particles will appear around it when S-Break is ready to deploy.

-When S-Break Mode is in effect, the Synergy Bar will turn green and be surrounded in lightning particles.


-Enemies tilt a little when attacking.

-When an enemy gets hit while it has a shield up, a "BLOCKED!" message will appear.

-Fixed a bug where the score entry screen would not appear if the dying cutscene dialogue plays out.

-Gems now have a different sprite.

-Item pickups that spawn at the edges of the gameplay zone are pushed into the gameplay zone.

-Bosses now go back to their idle animation when not attacking.

-Fixed a bug where the S-Break Score would reset when a level transitioned to the next one in Story Mode.

-The player hitbox is now partially transparent when not in focus.  You can adjust the transparency in the Options Menu.

-Player hitbox is not displayed during Super Moves


-Greatly reduced the CPU overhead of the sound fx system.

-Removed unnecessary/empty layers from level backgrounds.


Player Characters

All Characters

-Terminology Change: Bomb is being renamed to Super in order to reflect its intended role in the game loop.

-When you use a continue, the player character will rise up from bottom screen instead of floating from the death position.

-Visuals for Super Move activate animation have been adjusted.  The character flash has been removed, and the zoom in is much snappier to bring the animation into focus.

-Trying to use character swap when its disabled will make the player character do a little shake.


-Adjusted background overlay for Temporal Warp.

-Fixed a bug where Fia is completely white for the duration of Temporal Warp.

-During the last 10 frames of Temporal Warp, Fia will flash.

-A ring of sparkles shrinks toward Fia to indicate how much time is left in Temporal Warp.


-Changed the aiming indicator graphic for Explosive Punch.



Training Room

-Adjusted a few dialogue lines.

-Increased the size of instruction text and added animations to it.

-Added a couple animations to the movement targets.

-Replaced the Super Move segment at the end of Basic Training with explanations of each character's move in their sections.

-Button prompts show up during the tutorials.

-Fixed a bug that softlocks the basic training tutorial if you restart it while a single character is locked in.

-BGM: Break it Down for Me has a new arrangement. (Work-in-Progress)

Ch 1 - The Steel Butterfly Appears

BOSS: Prisma



-BGM: Plan of Attack has an updated mix.

-BGM: Lights Over Asteria has an updated mix.

-When Duel Lock activates, pickup items will move to the player.

-Trying to swap characters during Duel Lock will activate special dialogue.

Ch 2 - Pulling the Strings

BOSS: Maggie



-Added BGM: Rusting Away (placeholder/wip) for the intro dialogue.

-Fixed the background scrolling not halting during dying sequence.

-Added or adjusted some background assets.

-Changed some of the colors on bg elements during the stage.

-Casting Coven now features a full coven of 13 witches including Maggie herself.

Ch 3 - Echoes in the Waves

BOSS: Maya


CURRENT PROGRESS: Fully Playable, but missing 1 boss pattern.

-Added BGM: Deep Blue(placeholder/wip) for the intro dialogue.

-Fixed the background scrolling not halting during dying sequence.

-Added or adjusted some background assets.

-Adjusted movement pattern of serpent enemies in the wave before the midboss.

-Moved the funny boat.

-BGM: Ocean Odyssey has been tweaked a bit.

-Maya's above water patterns start up faster.

-The player characters change animations during the boss phase transition.

Ch 4 - Metamorphosis

BOSS: Dr. Umbra


CURRENT PROGRESS: Mostly Playable, needs more polish, boss is missing 1 pattern.

-NEW ENEMY TYPE: Revengers - These enemies will detonate into a bullet pattern on defeat.  If left alive for a certain amount of time, they will detonate on their own.

-The Dr. Umbra boss fight is now in prototype form, with 5 of the 6 planned patterns.

-BOSS GIMMICK: Disruption Field - Dr. Umbra can place area-of-effect circles that slow the player's movement and change the trajectory of hazardous bullets upon contact.

   *Yellow Bullets slow to half speed while in the bubble.

   *Purple Bullets aim for the bubble center on entry.

   *Red Bullets aim away from bubble center on entry.

-Dr. Umbra is not your final challenge...


Known Issues

-Button prompts in-game do not change with control bindings. ( This will be fixed soon.)

-Overlapping textboxes during gameplay

-Bosses dont pause animations during time stop



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