Patch Notes v0.7.34

Buckle up, folks!  Been a long time since the last update, so this patch notes is gonna be a long one!  Here we go!



UI and Menus

  • A loading graphic appears when the game is loading.
  • New demo title screen.
  • Cooldown was increased on holding left or right to switch scoreboards on the high score screen.  If you press left or right, it will ignore the cooldown.
  • Darkening the background also reduces the color tint effect on the in-game characters.
  • Gameplay interface elements no longer appear while the player is in a cutscene or dying.
  • Reduced the opacity of the dark bar on the top and bottom hud.
  • Dialogue box damaged shader visuals have been changed to be a bit easier on the eyes.
  • Game Over menu has been updated.
  • Chapter Complete screen has been visually redesigned.
  • Stage title cards have updated visuals.


  • Default control scheme has been changed to the experimental "Streamline Style", a style that emphasizes immediate swaps and using spells.
  • Bullet rendering code has been reorganized to allow for more rendering styles.
  • Made some adjustments to how enemies calculate damage taken.  There should be no visible difference.
  • Visual feedback added to hitting shields.
  • Destroying a boss' shield will set their health to 1 if the shatter would normally kill them.
  • Shine on pickup items is more visible.
  • When starting a level, the game will wait until the fade in finishes before auto-pausing if the window is not in focus.
  • Fixed a bug where music sometimes starts at the wrong volume.


Player Characters

All Characters

  • Player characters start and end all levels in a cutscene state.
  • Player movement smoothing value has been reduced to allow for more precise movement.
  • Movement boundary lines are now visible when you are close to them.
  • A spell can be activated if it is within 3 frames of finishing cooldown.
  • The cooldown of partner characters moves now ticks down at a rate of 16.6% of the normal speed.
  • Cooldown has been removed from swapping characters.
  • Direct character swaps now immediately use the character's spell.  The controls menu has been changed to reflect this.
  • Player direct swap frames reduced to 4.
  • Player cycle swap can cancel into a spell on frame 5.
  • Energy gain from small pickups increased to 1.5.
  • Energy gain from large pickups increased to 15.
  • Item pickups will always move to the player when they enter a cutscene state.
  • Item pickups now disappear if the player is dying.
  • Death bomb window has been increased to 22 frames from 15.  The animation remains the same length.

Synergy Boost/Synergy Break

  • New particle effects during Synergy Boost and Synergy Break.
  • Landing a Synergy Combo hit will subtract 50% of the total cooldown time from the partner characters' cooldown timers.
  • Synergy Break now activates on the bomb charge up instead of the bomb itself.
  • Synergy Break power level is no longer locked during S-Break.
  • The background now has a blue tint and a glowing vignette border during Synergy Break.


  • Spread shot is visually different while in S-Break.  Gale's fire rate also increases during S-Break.
  • Critical strike will immediately end the stun effect on an enemy hit by it, unless the stun effect was caused by Flash Burst.
  • Base damage of Flash Burst (before multipliers) has been reduced from 32 to 20.


  • Tracking Beam is visually different while in S-Break. 
  • Increased base damage of Tracking Beam to 1.0.
  • Fixed a bug where Temporal Warp would not initiate i-frames right away upon finishing.
  • Added background visuals to Shooting Star.


  • Charge Fireball is visually different while in S-Break.  The fireballs are always full charge and max speed during S-Break.
  • Dragon Fist now has less exaggerated sprite offset for charge up and release.
  • Explosive Punch now breaks all on-screen enemy shields the moment the punch lands.  Shields broken in this way will deal only 25% damage to their parent enemy.
  • Dash speed of Explosive Punch increased to 42.
  • Reduced max damage cap on Explosive Punch to 600.
  • Modified visuals of Explosive Punch.
  • Aiming at an enemy with Explosive Punch will make the background light up.
  • New sound fx for Explosive Punch.



Training Room




  • Updated placeholder background.
  • BGM: "Break it Down for Me" has an updated arrangement.
  • Basic Training now includes a "Start Here" label in the menus.
  • Synergy Boost's label has changed from "Advanced" to "Recommended" to reflect the increased emphasis on the mechanic.

Ch 1: The Steel Butterfly Appears

BOSS: Prisma



  • Increased the spawn rate of popcorn enemies in the first wave.
  • Increased health of smaller enemies during Fia's section.
  • Increased health of heavy enemy during Fia's section.
  • Decreased shot wind-up of heavy enemy during Fia's section.
  • Added a second column of heavy shield enemies during Casey's section.
  • Increased health of heavy shield enemies during Casey's section.
  • Duel Lock popup is now animated.
  • Adjusted health values and scripting of various enemies.
  • Misc modifications to background visuals.
  • Modified visual effects on tunnel exit cutscene.
  • Prisma comes up from below instead of spawning on-screen.
  • BGM: "Wings of Sharpened Steel" has been replaced with a new arrangement.
  • Altered Ring of Execution to be more interesting visually.
  • Increased health of Impenetrable Shield Wall to 1500.
  • Altered Impenetrable Shield Wall with higher bullet density.
  • Increased health of Wrath of the Steel Butterfly to 2500.
  • Adjusted the speed and patterning of some sections of Wrath of the Steel Butterfly

Ch 2: Pulling the Strings

BOSS: Maggie



  • Modified background visuals.
  • Background sky color changes slightly as the stage progresses.
  • Maggie has a dialogue reaction to Gale using her bomb spell.

Ch 3: The Steel Butterfly Appears

BOSS: Maya


CURRENT PROGRESS: Fully Playable, but missing 1 boss pattern.

  • Adjusted health values of various enemies.
  • Misc modifications to background visuals.
  • Minor dialogue tweaks.
  • Fixed a bug where an enemy spawn would be skipped in the level's second half.
  • BGM: "Deadly Charm" has an updated mix.
  • BGM: "Beware the Deep" has an updated mix.
  • Maya has a dialogue reaction to Casey using her bomb spell.

NEW CHAPTER!!!  Ch 4: Metamorphosis

BOSS: Dr. Umbra


CURRENT PROGRESS: Mostly Playable, needs more polish, boss is missing 1 pattern.

  • NEW ENEMY TYPE: Revengers - These enemies will detonate into a bullet pattern on defeat.  If left alive for a certain amount of time, they will detonate on their own.
  • The Dr. Umbra boss fight is now in prototype form, with 5 of the 6 planned patterns.
  • BOSS GIMMICK: Disruption Field - Dr. Umbra can place area-of-effect circles that slow the player's movement and change the trajectory of hazardous bullets upon contact.   

    • Yellow Bullets slow to half speed while in the bubble.   
    • Purple Bullets aim for the bubble center on entry.   
    • Red Bullets aim away from bubble center on entry.
  • Dr. Umbra is not your final challenge...


Known Issues

  • Some varieties of controller are causing Input to crash the game.  We think it might be related to PS controllers. (This bug is still being investigated)
  • Button prompts in-game do not change with control bindings. ( I plan to eventually update the Input system, and this will be a part of that task. )
  • Backgrounds should stop scrolling when in game over state
  • Overlapping textboxes during gameplay
  • Bosses dont pause animations during time stop
  • S-Break Bonus shouldn't reset on level transition if it's still active from the previous level 



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