Patch Notes v0.3.22


-Pressing any key to dismiss the title screen will no longer happen if the window is out of focus.

-The bomb energy meter is now slower to recharge.

-Grazing hazards now gives you energy.

-Basic enemy deaths are worth 100000.

-Enemy fireball bullet type now has a more forgiving hitbox that covers only the white area.

-Reduced enemy shield damage reduction to 90%, allowing all characters to break shields.

-Boss health bars now show how much of the healthbar attacks deplete, and have hang time on big attacks.

-The boss health bar now shakes a bit when a high damage attack is used on the boss.

-Adjusted visuals for boss outlines.


Spells/Synergy System:

-The score multiplier now goes up to only 6, but multiple hits are required to level up.

   *2 Hits  ---> x2 Multiplier

   *10 Hits ---> x3 Multiplier

   *20 Hits ---> x4 Multiplier

   *30 Hits ---> x5 Multiplier

   *40 Hits ---> x6 Multiplier

-Max combo cap has been decreased to 40 hits.

-Damage buff is now based on synergy level, instead of percentage to combo cap.

-Max damage buff from Synergy Boost is now 150%.


Gem Power System:

-GP value now starts at 10000

-The GP floor increases by 10000 points with each boss defeat.

-GP is now capped at 200000 from the start, but the cap increases by 50000 for each stage cleared.

-Getting hit decreases your GP by 20%, using the GP floor as the baseline.

-Gems can now have a "buffed" property, which changes their appearance, and multiplies their point value.

-Fixed a bug where Gem Power floor values didn't carry over between stages in Story Mode.



-Hitbox size decreased to 21.

-Successful critical hit is now worth 50000 points.

-Successful critical hit raises Gem Power by 250.



-Hitbox size decreased to 18.

-Tracking Beam damage increased to 0.66 damage per frame.

-Fixed a bug where using Temporal Warp would negate recovery frames after getting hit.

-Temporal Warp now uses grazebox size to detect collisions with enemies.

-Bullet absorbs during Temporal Warp are now worth 1000 points.

-Barrier recovery i-frames frames have been increased to 60.



-Hitbox size decreased to 25.

-Fixed a bug where melee attacks would hit the same enemy multiple times.

-Stun Punch charge time decreased to 8 frames.

-Stun Punch follow-through decreased to 18 frames.

-Base damage of Stun Punch has been increased to compensate for the multi-hit fix.

-Successful stun punch is now worth 50000 points.

-Successful stun punch raises Gem Power by 200.

-Successful shield break raises Gem Power by 300.

-Bullet shatters from punch are now worth 1000 points.

-Casey now moves slightly backward in the wind-up of Explosive Punch.

-During the dash in Explosive Punch, Casey has an incinerate field around her fist, which instant kills low health enemies.

-Explosive Punch now has a bigger melee hitbox.

-Fixed a bug where Explosive Punch would sometimes calculate its damage from the wrong enemy health value.


Ch 1 - The Steel Butterfly Appears!:

-Changed the placement of the last regen field.

-Regen fields no longer give points.

-Prisma's final pattern now removes the shield at the end of the pattern cycle.


Ch 3 - Echoes in the Waves!:

-Fixed an exploit during Stage Presence where one of Maya's attacks could be nullified by pushing her off screen.

-Reduced trance movement debuff during Maya's Requiem from 0.8 to 0.75.



-Save version checking is incomplete, so starting with config files from the previous version may cause an error.

-Particles will sometimes not spawn at the correct position.  This is triggered by completing the demo and returning to the title screen.  The fix is being worked on.

-Button prompt icons do not change with control bindings for in-game tutorials.  This will be fixed in a later version.


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