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Typhoon Unit is a bullet-hell shooter built around switching between a variety of characters on the fly. Players take control of a pair of flying fighters, as they dodge, shoot, and cast spells through challenging levels, meeting a cast of colorful characters along the way.


In a world where mythical creatures are commonplace, and magic is regularly utilized as a power source for new technologies, peace is but a distant dream. An organization known as Sylphen has spread destruction and chaos. In response to this, the Typhoon Unit was created, a specialized group of airborne soldiers, spanning a wide variety of species and backgrounds. These brave heroes will put an end to Sylphen's destructive ambitions, and return peace to the land.


Move - Arrow Keys (Left Stick on Gamepad)

Focused Movement - Shift Key (X Button on Gamepad)

Fire Projectiles - Z Key (A Button on Gamepad)

Barrier Bomb - X Key (B Button on Gamepad)

Special Attack - C Key (R2 on Gamepad)

Swap Characters - V Key (R1 on Gamepad)

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Published240 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, Colorful, Cute, Funny, Shoot 'Em Up, Short, Side Scroller
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


Typhoon_Unit_Demo_06_30_16.zip (27 MB)


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(Part 2)

14.) The shading and lighting itself is very wonky too. Every character seems to have bathed in baby oil before going on their mission, because everything is so shiny. The characters are shiny, the enemies are shiny, even the HUD just dipped itself in butter for this occasion. Was everyone wrapped in saran wrap prior to this? Actually, considering the character's outfits, that may not be far off. The soft shading seems to contrast so sharply with this, like they dusted themselves in charcoal just to make sure that no matter what lighting they were in, they looked atrocious.

15.) What are those enemy designs. Weird armed robot cyclops things? They look like a laundry machine with limbs. And for a universe seemingly steeped in sci-fi with magic accompaniments, the abuse of strange runes seems to be a bit over the top. I can accept "magic" but do their robots really need to be such an ugly shade of cream and then scribbled on with a crayon. And when it's not the weird dishwasher bots...it's...wheels? Just...spinning wheels. Okay. Because those things go together. Why not some kind of enemy ship? Weak soldier? Fairies? Anything besides washing machine and spinny mcgee.

16.) The bullets are ugly. Like, there's no other way to put that. I'd be fine if the kinds of bullets we saw were one variety. Or if we at least got some color changes happening, but no. All you get is bright red orb or piercing light blue fleur de lis. Really? Couldn't have more than two bullets for the first stage? Or at least make them less...horrendous. The colors didn't even contrast well with the background, and considering the rest of your failures at putting together a cohesive palette, it just congeals together into one big eye strain-y mess.

17.) The patterns are so...ugh. That's the only way I can put it. First of all, they're way too complex and screen-clogging for a first stage. Second of all, the bullets behave so erratically that dodging them not only becomes a chore, but a complete impossibility. There's no rhythm to their movement, they just seem to wiggle about senselessly until they feel like killing you. Renginn's first pattern would've been fine if it was just the red bullets or the blue swords. This would've served as a great way to introduce players to your first boss. But no, instead you just throw bullets at the wall and see what sticks. If it was at least attractive, I'd give it points, but the combination of ugly colors and no sense to the movement just makes it all trashy.

18.) Please, please take yourselves back to the drawing board. There's so much potential in this game. When I first discovered this project, I was giddy. It looked fun, exciting, and I found myself getting hype for the day when the demo released. And what did I get? Disappointment. Frustration. Anger. It's not good, man. I'm sorry, but it's really not. The art is bad, the color choice is disgusting, the writing is finicky, all the characters seem interchangeable, the gameplay is flawed, the mechanics are useless, the bombs are worthless, the enemies are cheap, even the music gets a bit grating. It's just all so much BAD. I plead with you, please go back and try again. You've got so much creative potential, and you used it to make a bland, frustrating, and frankly kind of ridiculous shooter. You could do so well, and I'm sure your next try will allow you to do even better, but for now. No. I'm sorry, but just...



I appreciate your feedback, even though it kind of stings a little bit to hear. Well, it stings a lot, but if I can't take criticism, I'm not cut out for this. I will take your what you said into account going forward. At the very least, I'm really glad you gave it a chance. Thank you. I'll try to do better next time.

Thank you for understanding. I wish I didn't have to be so hard, but really, I had to express these faults in the rawest way possible, because I definitely want you to succeed. As I've played more of the demo, I've also notice a large part of things going unexplained, such as how to use the team attack (or that it's REQUIRED to kill Renginn. TWICE.) or that there's stage hazards that can change your movement. Sure, there's "showing not telling", but then there's just leaving players confused until the fifth death. But really, you have the beginnings of a great game here, if you just take what I've said into account. Keep up the good work.

Yeah, okay, first impressions based on what I'm able to play.

1.) Music is dope. Honestly the best part of the whole game. Very catchy, even if the title screen music is pretty generic. But not bad. Definitely enjoying it.

2.) The controls feel stiff and awkward. It feels like every time I try to move, my character is painfully sluggish and it really feels like it takes a tremendous amount of effort to move up and down, which is the last thing you want in a hectic bullet hell environment like this.

3.) Speaking of, for a first stage, it's way too hectic. Even for a "difficult" game, I can see newcomers being turned off by how fast the enemies fly in, how erratic some of the bullet patterns are, and how dodging a lot of bullets seems to put you in more danger. I thought bombs might help, but bombs only seem to clear bullets. Which isn't helpful when an enemy immediately crashes into me anyway, defeating the purpose.

4.) The enemies and ESPECIALLY the bosses have way, way, way too much health. I've survived for actual minutes and barely whittled down Renginn before he just kills me anyway. I thought maybe bombs would help, but once again, bombs don't do anything, so there goes one option. I assumed this would be where the special attacks come in, which brings me to my next point.

5.) The special attacks are useless. I'm focusing primarily on Gale's, as she was the character I found myself using more often due to her homing bullets. Not that it was easy to notice that, as I had to keep my eyes glued to my character rather than any of my surroundings. But going over them in order, the first power didn't seem to do anything, really. Sure, my bullets changed formation, but didn't seem to do any extra damage no matter where I was. The grenade has a pitifully short throwing range, which makes it useless when you're pinned to the back of the screen by enemy fire. "Gust Drive Alpha" blows away enemy bullets. Which is great. But it doesn't damage enemies. Which still leaves me with problem number The Enemy Has Too Much Health. And I was never able to get past Level 3 because it seemed to juuuust get to the fourth bar, and stop entirely. And usually by that point I died.

6.) Speaking of death, there's no rhythm to it. In most other bullet hells, you die, there's a short pause as the bullets are cleared off the screen, and then you're brought back in with a reasonable invincibility period to try and recollect your bearings (and your powerups). Neither of which are in here. You die, and you're back in the action before you can even take a breath, your invincibility period wears off, and you die again. And since your bomb doesn't do anything, you can't even alleviate the constant pressure yourself. A first stage should lead a player into the experience, but it feels like I'm jumping to stage 4 right out of the gate.

7.) There's huge swathes of screen I can't move into. Sure, it may not seem like a big deal, but when you're trying to dodge enemy fire, every inch of screen space you can get is better. And when there's no "buffer zone" (usually a few dozen pixels of space near the back or bottom of the screen depending on the orientation of your game where you can at least feel comfortable playing), it really feels like you're constricted and trapped. I'm talking about those two little zones where the HUD is. Most games compensate for this with having the HUD fade out or become transparent when the player moves into it, so they can have every edge they can get. No such luck here. If you get backed into a corner, all you'll get is that ugly "thud" in your head before a sword pierces your hitbox and you die. Speaking of...

8.) The character sprite to hitbox ratio is way too big, especially when considering the rate of fire and enemy speed. The character sprites are absolutely massive, and the hitbox is large too, but A.) not large enough to fit the sprite size, and B.) way way too big for this kind of speed. Taking the Touhou series as an example, player characters in that series have a much smaller sprite, with a hitbox that takes up about one-third to one-half of the sprite. That game focuses on much slower bullets, as well as actually attractive and unique patterns. On the flipside, much faster paced games (which I assume you're going for since your game seems to go at fuck miles per hour) such as Seihou or Samidare have some way to combat the higher speed of bullets, such as a smaller hitbox (with a smaller character sprite) or a quick shield. Neither of which this game has.

9.) The HUD is a mess. It took me a good while to figure out that the wings in the top left weren't just careless decoration, but actually indicated my lives, rather than an immediately understandable number. And the diamonds underneath? My (useless) bombs. I feel like those should've been switched, as I found myself not even knowing what my life count was. I do appreciate having the boss' HP placed in a more viewable location compared to the Touhou games, not that I got to whittle his health down past a fourth anyway so I had to keep sliding my gaze across the screen only to DIE.

10.) And now it's time for the big bug bear. And no, not a big bee bear that makes it's own honey. That would be cute. Unlike the art. Which, I'm sorry, is just awful. It's really, really ugly. First of all, every character looks like a praying mantis, with their massive eyes stapled to either side of their head. The only character with a cohesive color palette seems to be Renginn. Gale's combination of a blue-silver, green and brown would have been fine, if not for the disgusting cream-colored electronics, her blindingly red hair, and her piss-colored goggles. Fia's color palette is nauseating, with her bright blue skin, bright pink eyes, bright green hair, bright purple dress, everything is so BRIGHT it makes me want to puke. None of Maria's reds even go together, it clashes with her weird blonde hair, and her abuse of primary colors makes me want to tear my own eyes out with a book on color theory.

11.) And that's just on the color palettes. Every character seems to have a gigantic chest, and for a game that seems to be set on building a more "realistic" world, Gale is the only character who seems to not be revealing an unnecessary amount of skin, and each of the characters seems to have a rack that could kill someone, with the exception of Gale who seems to have stuffed a Macbook into her 90s nylon vest. Actually, Fia's is the most intriguing, as the other characters seem to be dressed in full combat gear, while she seems content to take bullets to bare skin just because her thighs look good. I can understand "cultural differences" (Fia clearly being a different race and all), but even that's a bit ridiculous.

12.) And excluding that, all the characters just kind of look the same. With the exclusion of HQ, who we don't really see below the shoulders, everyone seems to have the same painfully thin girl look. I understand fighting off terrorists requires a...sleeker body type, but in a game where a fairy is fighting off weird flamboyant bird robots in a dress that looks "a bit skimpy" for a night on the town, let alone soldier work, is a bit of variation too much to ask?

13.) Speaking of the bodies, everyone has the world's most pinched joints. It's creepy. Like every single person in this universe had their joints smashed in a doorway the moment they exited the womb. Possible weird in-universe law, or bad anatomy? Speaking of bad anatomy, everyone's necks are so incredibly tiny too. Compared to their head sizes, it's like they're balancing watermelons on toothpicks.

(Part 1)