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Simple solid puzzle platformer, nothing too special but I really enjoyed the ice crystal mechanic :P

The only issue was the unresponse from the enemies when you hit them, they didnt have any effect and such

Good job gif

I really enjoyed your game. Simple and breathtaking. I wasn't however able to get past the flying bit. I would suggest a hold key for rapid firing and save points in the flying section?

Not bad.

I didn't feel like the game really called for limited resources, the attacks need some kick and hit effects, the flying part could use a strafe option for when your firing, and i couldn't tell if there was a clear end or if skulls just kept coming. I'd also like an option to change control schemes (Z and X lock up on my keyboard when combined with 2 arrow keys, it's annoying but different keyboards have different nitpicks)

Other than that, good effort. I specifically like the part where you're crossing the gap and have to shoot the bridge out from underneath your feet.