Diamond Dust is a short platform game created for the GB Jam 5. Guide Di through the icy mountain path, and solve puzzles using her ability to shoot crystals. Beware, you are not alone in the mountains. The dead have risen, and will do whatever it takes to stop you.


Arrow keys - Move/Aim

Z key - Jump/Focus

X key - Shoot Crystal

Enter key - Pause Game

NOTE: The browser version of the game does not display the pause screen correctly. In addition, the music does not always loop properly. The Windows version doesn't have these problems. If you find any more bugs, please let me know in the comments.

Install instructions

Click the download button below. Once the game has finished downloading, extract the zip file, and click on DiamondDust.exe


Diamond-Dust-Windows.zip 8 MB


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Simple solid puzzle platformer, nothing too special but I really enjoyed the ice crystal mechanic :P

The only issue was the unresponse from the enemies when you hit them, they didnt have any effect and such

Good job gif

I really enjoyed your game. Simple and breathtaking. I wasn't however able to get past the flying bit. I would suggest a hold key for rapid firing and save points in the flying section?

Not bad.

I didn't feel like the game really called for limited resources, the attacks need some kick and hit effects, the flying part could use a strafe option for when your firing, and i couldn't tell if there was a clear end or if skulls just kept coming. I'd also like an option to change control schemes (Z and X lock up on my keyboard when combined with 2 arrow keys, it's annoying but different keyboards have different nitpicks)

Other than that, good effort. I specifically like the part where you're crossing the gap and have to shoot the bridge out from underneath your feet.